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Creative Writing

These workshops, which are both intensive and joyous, guide you through a dynamic series of exercises towards the writing of deeper and ever more accomplished work.

Solitary work alternates with group work, free-writes with improvisation.  It’s a carefully designed, malleable framework within which the individual writer’s imagination and mind are stimulated towards new heights, in new directions.  Both beginners and non-beginners are amazed at what they end up producing.

In the process, you learn about literature from the inside.

By doing!  Literary techniques that will be covered (at every level) include imagery, form, narrative structure, rhythm, characterization, plot development, dialogue.  All genres are explored:  poetry, fiction, plays, some-as-yet-undiscovered combination…

My priority is to provide a safe environment within which each person—with his/her individual talents and inclinations—feels free to explore and take risks.

After all, this is the gift of writers to the world: they have the courage to say the thing that cannot be said—because it’s too embarrassing, ugly, vulnerable, contradictory, politically incorrect, or impossibly beautiful.  Too something.  This then is what writing can provide you—a unique opportunity to know yourself and the world that is yours and no one else’s.  You are then that much more prepared to bring your whole self to life and to the lives of others.

Workshops are offered in various formats, from one-day intensives to weekly meetings.  Some take place at the Richard Hugo House.

Language and Our Earth

These days we are looking to other cultures to learn not just about specific pro-earth technologies but also about the different ways they inhabit their environment spiritually and conceptually.  We sense that we need a radical transformation in consciousness.  We’re groping but we’re also guided—for the answers lie within us.  Language and creative expression have a profound role to play in this next chapter in our evolution.

How can language repair the rifts in our consciousness?  Must our language itself be changed?  The experiment is boundless and shaped by the individual writer.  In this workshop, participants are invited to tune in to their personal experiences, delving into the mysteries of their relation to the environment, articulating moments of connection as well as disconnection.  The experiment is scientific and intensely creative at the same time.  We get to invent the outcome.

Self-Exploration and Affirmation

Creative writing is inseparable from creative living.  We know we are writing well when the stream of our words transform us, breaking open new channels, rearranging on us on the inside.  An open writing process reconfigures our relationship to ourselves and our the world.  My focus in these workshops is on process, for the self-exploration never ends just as our changes never do.  If we learn ways of navigating these changes, the constantly shifting territory of our inner world, then we feel that much more awake and empowered…

The process that interests me draws on all our faculties and engages all parts of our character and being.  It is intellectual and intuitive.  It is oriented towards the future and fully in touch with the past.  It thoroughly engages the body, which is the storehouse of memory, the seat of emotional truth, and the fount of our energy.  It relies on the mind and our miraculous ability to observe our own selves in action.

Using guided meditation and written exercises, I invite individuals into a profound relationship with themselves—with their whole selves.  If we are to move forward, using our full potential and releasing the tremendous founts of energy blocked by inhibition or fear, then it can only be with our whole being—every part, even if it seems contradictory or counterproductive, small or irrelevant.  I have no illusions about the difficulties, both cognitive and emotional, in embracing the complex, layered reality of who we are.  A large part of my job then is to imbue the process with ease, pleasure, and a sense of adventure.  After all, wouldn’t it be wonderful to find out what we’re truly capable of?  We are amazing beings, as profoundly mysterious as any other part of this constantly unfolding world.  Let us always be sailing out together into this vastness…

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write.