Now I ring the bells


Bells of mindfulness may be rung to intitiate a moment of silence…






Now I ring the bells.

If I’ve disturbed you, I am sorry.



The room was filled with conversation.

Now as I continue to hold the bells, we are falling silent.

A few voices travel across the room, sounding loud and distinct.

They hear themselves and also

fall silent.


Is it possible I am holding, between thumb and finger, a moment

both its beginning and its end?

I feel how precious is the thread between my two hands.

I am careful to keep the bells separate, cherishing

the space between them.


They are still singing into that space.

As they grow softer, I feel our listening grow ever deeper.

I think there is no end to how quiet the singing could become

and how far it could take us

into tenderness.


Let me be still now.

Soon I will ring the bells again.

Let me apologize in advance

for any disturbance.

Always I remain in service

to you and the silence,

the quiet deep in your heart…