Bringing poetry to the stage is for me an exquisite endeavor.  I enjoy performing solo, often integrating movement with my words, as well as collaborating with musicians and dancers.  Audio and video recordings can be found to the left and please click below for a recording of I am water, performed for Water Sines at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle.

                   I am water… 

 Have you forgotten our intimacy?


How you struggle

as if it were all solid

and you yourself separate.




my elixir move through you. 


Out of the thick mud

winds the stem of the lotus.  

Her blossoms shimmer like stars

in my embrace. 

Come, know yourself.  You

can let go.  You are

water.  I am


streaming through your body,

racing through the gorgeous mesh of your veins,

flooding your cells, limbs, fingers. 

Take me—honey

dropping on your tongue,   

draping your taste buds flowering,

mouth softening, releasing your juice, all

the waters of your body, I make you lush—

fruit bursting as you bite into flesh and turn to

energy, eyes streaming—


You are


a wonder

of this universe.


When are you not changing, flowing?

We are rivers rushing, constantly breaking

into the unknown.  Down the mountains we run,

heading for the sea.

Are you coming?? 

Join with me and rise as a wave!

Ride the electric air!

Froth wind-whipped flies into sky.

Onto the shore, I toss the trunks

 of thousand-year-old trees—like sticks

and still—

the smallest pebble…


falls through me


like sunlight slipping through glass,

through your red fingers…


See yourself—

open, transparent.

Everything passes through you like a wand

and still

you cohere! 


Know yourself also

when I turn to rain—

my hush and fitful splatter.

Shattering from the clouds, I break into pieces,

 I rain so I may touch

every last leaf and sow the earth

with infinite equity. I soak

into every patch of ground without


fall on the homeless by the exit ramp

and his shabby sign,

on the turreted house ablaze with light,

on the hospitals holding doctors with healing hands

and elsewhere, the ones who need them


I fall on the workers tumbling from the flaming oil rigs

and on the blackened birds who can no longer extract

their slick wings

from my waters. 

I wash them ashore

so they may be cleansed


or laid to rest.


There is no being I do not caress.

My liquid strands bathe

every part of you,

with a touch smooth

as a child’s face,

the silken palm of an ancestor,

whose eyes, delving into yours,


with tenderness.


So much brokenness inside, afraid

to blossom, we keep our longings

dark, lodged

in the thick mud. 

For how long?

My wide waters swirl around the roots…

I bathe it all… 

 May you drink.

I judge




the wonder

you are…


you are

a blessing.

                                      from Water Sines 2011