“Karin is a born teacher and writer and will bless any community she works in.   Her work is intelligent, fierce, honest, deeply felt, and often interested in the unseen, strong as her love is for the landscape, water, and creatures of all kinds.  She has the gift of humor: taking the working seriously, without taking herself too seriously…”
Jean Valentine, National Book Award winner

“Karin was quite a discovery… I was Karin’s student in several writing courses, but grew impatient, always waiting for the next one, so switched a couple years ago to working one-on-one with her as I write a novel.  As an editor, Karin maintains an important boundary: it’s the client’s story, not her story.  Her critiquing has a remarkable fusion of civility and severity. I may leave a session with my chapter in tatters, but I’ll leave in a race to the keyboard, excited to try a half dozen new angles.  As I develop my novel, with subplots reinforcing the main plot, characters seen from the inside instead of at a distance, scenes properly motivated and connecting to each other, I get a sense that the quality of the work and my ability as a storyteller are advancing from amateur toward pro.”
Jefferson Foote, PhD., scientist, former Fred Hutchinson / University of Washington faculty

“Reading her work, one is buoyed up by Karin’s capacity for paradox and ambiguity–there is room for opposing feelings and thoughts, a willingness to trust process itself, more than a need to come down on one side or the other…  Karin is a real find!”
Kate Knapp Johnson, poet

“Karin’s dancepoems are completely exciting.  She is fearless in moving–she commits herself to every bend, and every gesture.  Come to think of it, she exhibits the same commitment in every thing she makes, be it a dance, a play or an artwork… Understanding that static poetry readings never interested her much, she has explored sly ways of suggesting things through gesture, and how movement can augment text…  Frankly, I was blown away.”
Dan Hurlin, dancer and puppeteer

“In my forty years of experience in leadership development and social architecture, I have never seen a more perfect example of a simple community service project that reached across so many boundaries and touched so many people in just the right way…
Thank you to Karin de Weille, an extra-ordinary teacher and grand soul who honors people where they are and loves them out into the open.”
signed:  Another happy student and more realized soul

“I am moved and impressed by the depth of the questions Professor de Weille puts to her students.  By asking well-timed questions (sometimes playing devil’s advocate), she allows her students to make their own way through complex arguments and personally experience the excitement and satisfaction of this process.  During long three-hour periods, she is able to draw all of her students in the discussion.  The way she talks to her students is inspiring and they seem mesmerized.  They feel comfortable with her and with each other.  She is encouraging and affirming and manages to reach students with a variety of learning styles…  Professor de Weille manages to create, among a group of students diverse in both background and age, a strong community of trust.”
Effie Cochran, Deputy Chair of the English Dept, John Jay College

“I wish the class was longer!  The guided exercises were excellent.  They really sparked my imagination.  The words just kept flowing.  I couldn’t stop.  At some point, my hands just hurt from my desire to write all that was going through my head.  I’ve always struggled with the big, scary blank page but somehow Karin’s exercises really helped me overcome that.  I felt like a writer for the first time!”
Richard Hugo House writer, anon.

“This course exceeded my expectations.  I just wanted to take a literature class and to fill the void of short stories in my education.  But every class time, something came up that I took with me on the subway or thought about during the week.”
New School University student, anon.

“Karin’s deep intelligence, worldly culture, generosity of heart and motivational skills can overcome even the most resistant students.  One trusts her immediately—and the passion and commitment she brings to class create an ideal, dynamic environment for students to learn, explore, and push their boundaries further.  She is an attentive listener, focused reader, sharp analyst, and reassuring presence in class—and last, but not least, Karin has a terrific sense of humor.”
Laure-Anne Bosselaar, poet and anthologist

“Professor Karin de Weille is amazing!  She is a lucid and eloquent speaker who addressed many issues pertaining not only to women’s studies but literature.  The books on her syllabus are highly unusual and diverse, paving the way for numerous discussions and new topics.  All in all, it has been a great experience.”
University of Toronto student, anon.

“Working with Karin opened up my ability to use words in any form. I learned to paint pictures, evoke emotions and create scenes with words. I also learned to trust that inner voice that pushes the pen across the paper. Karin is patient, kind, and inspiring. I left each session bursting with ideas and possibilities that I have since turned into a published book.”
Robin Dowdy

“Through many stimulating exercises and sharing of our work in class with Karin’s thoughtful feedback, Karin offers her wealth of knowledge in loving and humorous ways, helping us to feel connected with each other, more self aware about our writing and ourselves and full of laughter and enthusiasm for the marvel of the written word.”
Jane Faulkner

“I love writing.  She turned us on to writing.  Once I couldn’t write but now I can and I love writing all because of my teacher.  I love you, Auntie Karin!!!”
Missy Boehm, age 10

“My son came into the workshop as a very inexperienced writer and not enjoying writing at all. After working with Karin, he writes and looks forward to it! Wow, what a change. I have to attribute that to Karin’s approach and her ability to draw out the best writer in us all.”
Amy Berg

Karin is a great teacher I would highly recommend her.   She is stimulating, fun, encouraging, patient, and insightful, I could go on!   My writing skills have improved and what’s more, I no longer have a fear of writing. Even though the classes are over, I have been writing poetry and loving it. If you have the opportunity to take writing classes from Karin, take it! If you have the opportunity to take writing classes from Karin take it!
Kalei Wang

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us.” R.W. Emerson. Thank you, Karin, for seeing what lies within my girl and so gracefullly nudging it out”

“Karin is a warm, creative and intelligent writing teacher. She is truly gifted and has gently and methodically walked my teen and tween through the process of the ins and outs of writing research papers as well as creative writing projects. My eldest has a firm grasp on what will be required for college and my youngest is writing long and creative essays. Karin, I am truly grateful for the encouragement and love of writing that you have shared with my children.”
Iain Smith

“Thank you, Karin!  you have been a huge inspiration to Maya.  Thank you for your diligence, patience, wisdom, and encouragement to all the kids in our community.  You are a treasure and I will miss you.  You are loved!”
Kimberly, homeschooling mother

“Thank you for being an excellent teacher and friend who encouraged me to pursue the past openly.”
Tito Pasco, Vietnam War vet and Opening Doors workshop participant

“Karin is stimulating, fun, encouraging, patient, and insightful, I could go on!   My writing skills have improved and what’s more, I no longer have a fear of writing.  Even though the classes are over, I have been writing poetry and loving it.  If you have the opportunity to take writing classes from Karin take it!”
Kalei Wang, age 16

“She opened my mind and helped me to let a flood of ideas and emotions pour out… It was like once I started writing I couldn’t stop.”
Walter Lasky, Poets and Writers workshop

“After working in faculty development for decades with aspiring professors , I am humbled by Karin’s ability to trust her heart and her light in the service of teaching.  This ability to let go of what we think we’re supposed to be, and honor what is, sponsoring her students’ unfolding into their truth, is a rare talent…”
Deborah Winter, professor and scholar of environmental psychology

“The class really has opened doors…deep in my heart.  There’s lots of crying in Karin’s class.  And laughing….”
Vivian Moku, Opening Doors workshop

“Karin is an amazing teacher.  She gives weight to every thought shared, and she knows her stuff.  She gives great feedback on essays.  And she is very caring.”
New School University student, anon.

“You are such an awesome blessing to our entire family with what and how you are teaching our children.”
Terrie Boehm, homeschooling mother

“My grandsons interviewed me and when they read what they had written, they said 95% of what was revealed, they hadn’t known.  That shocked me!  I’m close to them.  I talk to them; we spend a lot of time together.  But it wasn’t about the past.  I decided I had to write down what I’ve experienced… I’ve learned to make my writing more personal, to put in the little incidents.  Now when I read, I compare how authors write, how they break it up…  I’m more observant of what I’m reading and how it’s written.  That’s really been helpful.  I incorporate the techniques…”

Happy Birthday Song:

Happy Birthday, dear Karin
Glad you’re here another year
You have helped us to begin
Perhaps a new writing career.

Scribbling, typing, editing
Recording thoughts of yesteryear
Funny, sad and interesting
Memories, gems we hold so dear.

Thank you, Lord, for dear Karin
Blessing us so generously
What a teacher she has been
Patient, caring as can be.

Koyoko Hanano, Opening Doors workshop

“This is what I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  I made a folder to leave when I pass on—it tells my family what I want them to do.  But I realized that something was missing—myself!  My grandchildren don’t know me…  When class came, I thought this is just what I need.  I am going to put all my writings in the folder…”
Lucille Naungayan, Opening Doors workshop

“Prof de Weille is an ideal professor and I enjoyed her class immensely.  She is very enthusiastic, knows her stuff, and has a great lecture style that promotes discussion.  The course was crucial to my understanding of the development of literature…”
University of Toronto student, anon.

“Karin’s class activates my feelings and my brain.  It keeps me thinking.  And after I write about my past, I think, I didn’t know I did that!  Did I do that?…  Someone came up to me after my article came out.  She said, ‘You’re the person in the picture!  You entered the contest, in the swimsuit.  You’re so beautiful and brave.  I read your article and I said, I want to meet this person!  I wish more people were like you.  Are you going to do it again?’  I thought about it and then I said, ‘Maybe, but then I’ll wear a two-piece suit!’  Karin’s class makes me alive and gives me the feeling of being young!”
Rose Rosimo, age 80, Opening Doors workshop