Writing Workshops

These workshops are a rich blend of exercises, discussion and feedback, whose flexible format allows me to be continually responsive to your talents and needs, as you’re able to articulate them and as I discern them.  Come above all with the desire to explore—the writing craft in general as well as your own personal voice (or voices), as regards both style and content.

For kids and adults, ranging in format from one-day intensives to weekly workshops lasting 4 to 6 months and held at various venues including Hugo House, workshops have varying emphases, from generating material to revising but generally accommodate both.  You can register for a preexisting workshop.  Or, if you have gathered a group of friends or colleagues within an organization, I can create one tailored to fit your schedule and other parameters.

The camaraderie and support that writers experience together are a great gift of these workshops.  In addition, participants are often surprised by the freedom they feel to explore that which is deeply true to their lives and vision.  Always, I place emphasis on cultivating awareness of what nourishes ones own process as a writer.  Writing in every genre is welcome.  The workshops for kids focus either on creative writing or report/essay writing.